Atypical Card Game


Homestuck: Atypical Card Game is a Homestuck fan-work.

"Homestuck ATCG" is a competitive card-based game for 2-5 players-- similar to a collectible/trading card game, but with a deck-building mechanic that utilizes point-buy (instead of randomized booster packs.)

The game utilizes characters and themes from the Homestuck webcomic and franchise by Andrew Hussie.


Release Tournament

Promo banner for a tournament celebrating the release of Homestuck: Atypical Card Game and its first card set, The Opening Note. You can build your own deck and compete in a Swiss-style tournament to win cusotm art prizes. If you want to participate, you should submit your deck list by April 13th, 2024. Games will be played from April 14th through April 17th. The matches will be streamed in the discord server. The grand prize is for your fan troll to be illustrated by Lucheek and added to the game, and the top four players all receive sketch commissions.

Join the discord to participate, and follow HSATCG on Tumblr for more news!

Current Release: The Opening Note

Released on March 1st, 2024